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Do you want to have a quick look to know how many miles or kilometers is the distance between the two places? Or, for the period of time, which you will need to take the train or bus to get anywhere? Then you have come to the right place. This online tool makes a check, for example, are two cities in the Netherlands, and it's easy to see the route and the number of miles or kilometres travelled. Are you planning a trip and you want to know how long you will be there for about is then you can use this calculator to easily see it. Of course, it is impossible to make the lengths of roads to be measured with the help of cards, or a table of differences. This is searching online, with a calculator, that is, the route can be calculated and also the way to show it on a map. It helps you measuring distance between two addresses on an easy way.

How does this work?

Please fill in the fields in the "Calculate the distance of your choice when you press the button, "use of site". The latter is easy, it is in your current location or a location entered. Then, when you press the button in order for the result to be visible. This will appear on the right side on the computer screen or on your smartphone. The data will come as part of Google's database (Google maps). Sometimes it will appear on the bus and the train, the text "not available", that is, in some cases, for example, if there is no direct train or bus connection can be found. For public transport, check you have the well-known web sites to refer to it. Click here to read further for more information about the site and read it.

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The distance between two places

In the following table, you can find a lot of looked-up distances. Please click on the appropriate link below and you will immediately see a map of the measured length.

Place Distance
New York - Washington 3695,1 km | 2296 mi
New York - Washington DC 330.9 km | 205.6 mi
Amsterdam - Groningen 146,6 km | 91.1 mi
Amsterdam - Paris 509,1 km | 268.1. mi
Amsterdam - New York 5.857,1 km | 3639.5 mi

By train, car and public transport

It is useful to note that this tool is a direct representation of the distance for both the car and the train and the bus. In addition, there is also a time to see how long you will be there with you on the bus or train to get to. So, it's easy to see the number of kilometres travelled and the length of time (in hours and minutes), your destination you will arrive. Tip! Press the orange button with the title of "current location". This will help you in the meantime to fill in the location in which you are at that moment. This allows you to have a faster search and find. If you go on vacation, for example, in Belgium, France and Germany, than it is a tool for that, too. It can be used, for example, the representation of the bus is not shown. In this case, there is no connection. To Check this, always on the train and bus services for the region.